Applied Vibration

We are one of the few Colorado distributors of industrial vibrators. From tiny bin vibrators to car shakers and air canons, we have 30 years experience in the selection and installation of vibrators. We represent Global Manufacturing, Cleveland, Martin Engineering, Centron, and Viber.


Regardless of your application, we have probably
encountered it previously with other customers. We can often provide creative solutions to tricky problems. If it involves tools or the application of force we can advise you of products and methods.

Material Handling

Wire rope, chain, fittings, slings, hoists, comalongs, jacks, lifting clamps, hooks, fork attachments, drum handling,
magnets, ratchet straps, load binders. If you need to move the world, we can sell you the lever.

Part Number Cross Reference

McMaster, Grainger, Lab Safety, Global, etc. We can usually convert these to actual manufacturer's part number and provide better pricing. Simply call, fax or e-mail your
item or list.

Pneumatic/Fluid Systems

Fittings, clamps, regulators, filters, oilers, solenoids, valves, hose, tubing, gauges.


We know tools - hand, air, electric, hydraulic, wrenching, beating, cutting, drilling, torqueing, marking, welding, fitting, fastening, punching, threading, measuring, filing, soldering, lifting, clamping. Show us the job, we'll show you the
right tool.

Tool Repairs

Whether electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic we know where to take it for quality repair, or an honest "scrap it" without estimate charge. If at all possible a factory warranty station will do the work.


From simple "click" wrenches and air impacts to pulse tools and torque analyzers, we can help you determine, apply, and document correct clamp loads. We represent several ISO certified manufacturers of torque tools and offer extensive technical and training support for production
torque applications.